Sit...  Stay... We'll come.       


Welcome to the 
Visiting Veterinary Practice
of Westchester!


Our focus is to bring well-priced, convenient, and competent veterinary care to your home. 
(Serving Westchester and Putnam Counties)

Maybe you work all day... 
Maybe your dog has a hard time with stairs...
Maybe your cat hates the carrier... 
Maybe you don't drive... 

We know there are any number of reasons why taking your animals out of the home for health care might be hard.  We want to make it easy and affordable for you to achieve quality health outcomes, and support a long-lasting, loving bond with your pet. 

  • Exams, vaccines, wellness and diagnostic screenings
  • In-home treatment visits
  • Pharmacy services with home delivery
  • Competitive pricing with extra savings for seniors, service dogs, and more!
  • The only portable, travelling Class IV Therapeutic Laser in the area.
  • Convenient house call appointments available weekdays and Saturdays. 




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