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Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment used to reduce inflammation, accelerate healing and offer safe, targeted pain relief.

Our portable unit has a handheld wand, like an ultrasound's, and emits a constant beam of ultra high-frequency light waves, or laser. The laser is administered in specific doses to reach cells and tissue on or far below the skin, acting with different body systems and causing certain important responses:

• Pain relief
• Reduced inflammation (redness and/or swelling)
• Rapid/increased rate of healing

Our portable laser unit is an FDA-approved Class IV Medical Device. This type of laser was recently developed as an advance over previous technology.  It is more powerful and delivers its target dose more efficiently, in far less time.
Its use is restricted to trained personnel, but it is considered a non-invasive therapy that is safe to practice in the home setting.

What does it feel like?

It feels pleasantly warm from inside, like the warmth you feel wearing a dark shirt on a sunny day. The rolling wand head feels like a nice massage, though a non-contact head can be used for sensitive spots. We don't have to shave, and no "goop" on the skin is necessary for laser treatment.

Who uses this kind of laser?

Therapeutic Laser Therapy is used by veterinarians treating dogs and cats with arthritis, torn ligaments, wounds, skin problems, infections, surgical incisions, inflammation, and more...

We are proud to be the only local vet to bring this treatment to the home.

It is also used by MDs, physical therapists, orthopedic practitioners, pain specialists, and dermatologists. It is a popular treatment method used by sports medicine practitioners in major league franchises.

How does the laser do that?

The laser beam can penetrate fur, skin, and tissues at different depths.  The treatment dose (the amount of energy delivered by the laser) is chosen to target specific sites and problems. 

• First, it stimulates local sensory nerve pathways, causing release of pain-suppressing endorphins. In this way, the body treats itself to reduce pain, and the need for oral pain medication may be reduced.

• A second benefit is the increased local blood circulation and immune system response, due to the warming effects of cellular excitation. This allows swelling to resolve faster, and also brings a supply of immune system components into the area at a higher rate, speeding resolution and healing.

• Finally, the laser raises supplies of usable energy to all targeted cells by stimulating production of the cells' main power supply, called ATP. This ensures that all the targeted cells, and also all the immune system components brought to the target area, will have the optimal energy they need to work, whether it's to clean out infection or build collagen, etc.

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